Welcome Message

We are delighted to invite you to “THE MENISCUS Asian Summit”.

Thirteen years have passed since the first conference of THE MENISCUS held in 2010 in Ghent, Belgium, led by Rene Verdonk and Philippe Beaufils. THE MENISCUS was the first truly global conference focusing on the meniscus. The meniscus was once thought to be a vestigial organ or nonfunctional remnant of embryonic development. Therefore, there was a time when total meniscectomy was considered the main surgical treatment to alleviate symptoms. However, as the functions of the meniscus are gradually revealed, awareness of the importance of the meniscus has increased. Accordingly, academic discussions and exchange of knowledge focusing on the meniscus has been essential in this era. As the 2nd conference in Versailles in 2013, the 3rd conference in Porto in 2016, the 4th conference in Bologna in 2019, and the 5th conference in Luxembourg in 2022 have been held sequentially, THE MENISCUS conference has gradually progressed and established itself as a world-class academic forum on the subject of meniscus.

Sports medicine including arthroscopic surgery in the Asian continent is continuously advancing by achieving academic progress, improving surgical techniques, and contributing to the advancement of the global field. Pioneers in Asia, including Korea, have been dedicated to maintaining the function of the knee joint under the concept of “save the meniscus”, considering the widely recognized importance of the meniscus as an essential organ of the knee.

The stage of THE MENISCUS conference, which has been held mainly in Europe, has been moved to ASIA this time, and it is a great honor to hold the first Asian conference on meniscus with the contribution of “THE MENISCUS” group. We would like to invite all of you who are interested in the meniscus and want to keep your patient’s knee healthy to THE MENISCUS Asian Summit held in Korea. The conference will cover various topics on meniscus including the basic research, tendency of surgeries in different continents, discoid meniscus more common in Asia and up-to-date research. We also deal with interesting topics on cartilage and osteotomy. World-renowned scholars will provide a variety of valuable information to broaden your knowledge and improve your surgical skills.

We look forward to seeing you in Seoul, South Korea on October 5 and 6, 2023.

Save the meniscus!

Kyoung Ho Yoon and Jin Goo Kim (Congress Chairmen)
Joon Ho Wang, Nobuo Adachi, Jong Keun Seon, Patrick Yung, Sang Hak Lee, and Min Jung (Scientific Committee)
Chong Bum Chang (Financial Committee)